Quantum computing is moving from the lab to the real world.


Quantum computing is an entirely new paradigm. Based on the principles of quantum physics, quantum computing has the potential to crack previously unsolvable problems in chemistry, materials science, finance and any other field that has hit the limits of classical computing — and could lead to breakthroughs in areas such as weather forecasting and drug discovery.

For decades, IBM has led the research and development of quantum information science and quantum machines. And IBM was the first to give the world the chance to experience it by putting a quantum computer on the cloud in 2016. Now, quantum computing is moving out of the lab and into the hands of users and commercial clients worldwide.


organizations in the IBM Q Network

160 billion

executions on IBM’s quantum fleet


Use Cases

Quantum is being applied to our toughest problems

More than 100 companies and institutions have joined the IBM Q Network to explore practical applications of quantum computing. They are using IBM’s fleet of 15 of the most advanced quantum computers commercially available.

Daimler AG and IBM are exploring ways the automotive and transportation industry can leverage quantum computing. Daimler’s research currently focuses on the development of novel quantum algorithms for chemistry and materials science to support its long-term goal of designing new batteries. New materials may lead to the development of higher performance, longer lasting and less expensive vehicle batteries.

JPMorgan Chase and IBM are researching methodologies for financial modeling and risk management. The joint research has led to the creation of a methodology to price financial derivative contracts, known as options, as well as portfolios of options, which may have future potential to substantially accelerate and enhance business operations. This collaboration recently led to the first experiment modeling a European call option on a real quantum computer.

Industry Expertise

Our industry expertise is a key advantage as we help clients respond to their customers’ evolving needs and stay nimble in the face of continuous technological change.

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