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Netezza is back

Whether it’s deployed on the public cloud or a preconfigured hyper-converged system, the next step in the evolution of IBM Netezza® is IBM Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, a cloud-native system of insight that is 100% compatible with existing Netezza and IBM PureData® System for Analytics appliances.  

Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data delivers a trusted and modernized analytics platform with speed, simplicity, scalability, security and smarts. With enhancements to in-database analytics capabilities, the next generation of Netezza enables businesses to do data science and machine learning with data volumes scaling into the petabytes. Organizations can upgrade their existing systems with a seamless lift and shift that’s as simple as entering the command nz_migrate, which saves time, effort and ultimately cost that would have gone toward migrations. 

Netezza Performance Server is built on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, a fully integrated, cloud-native data and AI platform that modernizes how businesses collect, organize and manage data. Built on the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data enables you to take advantage of a broad set of data and AI services, integrating them quickly into applications to accelerate innovation. 

What's new


Achieve frictionless migration

The newest version is 100% compatible with the Netezza and Pure Data System for Analytics line of appliance offerings: TwinFin, Striper and Mako.

Eliminate data silos

With data virtualization, you can query data across many systems without having to copy and replicate data, helping reduce costs. Learn more in the white paper (PDF, 297 KB).

Accelerate time to value

With minimal ongoing administration or tuning, the need for internal resources and implementation costs are minimized, giving you a lower total cost of ownership.  

Choose your environment

Flexibly deploy in the environment that best suits your business needs, be it a hyper-converged system or on the cloud through IBM Cloud or AWS.

How to upgrade

Are you a Netezza or PureData System for Analytics customer? See how easy it is to upgrade from an older generation of Netezza to the latest generation.

What clients are saying

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“We helped our client, a large North American automotive company, upgrade to the new Netezza Performance Server. The migration was simple, frictionless, and it took us just 7 weeks to get them up and running, enabling them to accelerate time to insights and decision making.”

- K. Balaji, Executive Vice President and Head Lab Services, Findability Sciences Inc.

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"Netezza on Cloud gave us the legendary speed without new space in the data center. We moved back-end ELT and front-end SQL as-is with zero breakage – but 10x faster. No surprise costs with Netezza. Just one invoice and you’re done."

– David Birmingham, Principal Solutions Architect, Sirius

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"We trust IBM's position as a leader in data management for analytics, and we really like the performance and the value we saw in Netezza Performance Server. With just one simple command, nz_migrate, we moved our tables, data and stored procedures from our existing Netezza into the new Netezza Performance Server, and we did this all by ourselves. It's that simple."

- A leading global market research company

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