A 20-year journey

IBM transformed the data warehousing and analytics landscape by providing the Netezza based appliance, an integrated hardware and software solution delivering industry leading price-performance, simplicity and low cost of ownership.

The world of data in 2018 is much different than in 2003, we see a drive towards AI, IoT, the emergence of Cloud and the prevalence of BigData across industries. However, the core business problems that our clients face – complexity, high cost and operational efficiency – remains unchanged.

If you purchased older models of IBM Netezza, Skimmer (N100-1), TwinFin (all N1001), or Striper (all N2001) versions,  they will reach end of support as early as June 30, 2019. These appliances have served you well but with advances in technology it is a perfect time to upgrade.

Prepare for the future of business intelligence

IBM Integrated Analytics System (IAS) is the next generation Netezza based appliances, combining high performance hardware and a database query engine designed for MPP, data warehousing and analytics. With IAS you can shift workloads within public/private cloud and on-premises based on application requirements and the IBM Common SQL engine federates, queries and analyzes data across your data warehouse, Hadoop and cloud. Embedded Spark and the IBM Data Science Experience are a part of IAS designed to meet your users Data Science and Machine Learning requirements for in-database analytics, and to provide support for Python and R.

IAS delivers greater capabilities and enhanced performance

  Netezza(mako) Integrated Analytics System (IAS)
Multi-temperature storage expansion No Yes
JSON support  No Yes
Performance 1X 2X - 5X
Common SQL engine No Yes
OLTP / Operational analytics No Yes
Data science and machine Learning Yes Yes (Advanced)
Pre-built in-database analytics Yes Yes (Advanced)
Data Science Experience (DSX Local) No Yes
Embedded Spark No Yes
Built-in virtualization Yes Yes (Advanced)
Cloud-ready No Yes
Incremental hardware expansion No Yes


Wanting to migrate to the cloud?

IBM Db2 Warehouse on cloud is an elastic, fully-managed cloud data warehouse is powered by IBM BLU Acceleration technology to maximize the business value of analytics on a massive scale. Improve your performance and prepare for the data of the future with IBM migration assistance, licensing exchanges and special pricing. 

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