Why IBM for data warehouse systems?

In today’s era of big data, technology is allowing us to consume more data and generate new insights for competitive advantage. It is mandatory to have fast access to insight and to have the ability to quickly respond to rapidly evolving analytic requirements. At IBM, we recognize you need solutions to respond to these needs and take your data warehouse architecture to the next level. Solutions formerly branded as Netezza appliances have evolved into IBM Db2 Warehouse Systems that provide the speed, simplicity, scalability and analytic power to modernize your data warehouse and respond to today’s demands of big data.

Read  a number of compelling topics that analyst Claudia Imhoff discusses in Data Warehouse Appliances and the New World Order of Analytics.

In the spotlight

IBM Data Warehouse Systems

IBM Netezza "appliances" are now part of IBM PureSystems and the IBM PureSystems for Analytics has recently seen the announcement of a new offering in this category: the IBM Integrated Analytics System. These offerings maintain the same key design tenents from Netezza for ease of use, performance, scalability and embedded analytics. 


IBM Integrated Analytics System

The IBM Integrated Analytics System drives the insights needed to maintain your competitiveness by matching accelerated development and deployment times for your data scientists with a high performance, optimized and cloud-ready data platform. 

IBM PureData System for Analytics

Powered by Netezza technology, IBM PureData for Analytics helps simplify and optimize performance of data services for analytic applications, and runs complex algorithms in minutes instead of hours.

IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator

A workload optimized appliance add-on enabling the integration of business insights into operational processes driving winning strategies.

Related solutions

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

A fully managed cloud data warehouse that enables you to get faster insights from your data by leveraging in-database analytics and massively parallel processing.

IBM Db2 Warehouse

IBM Db2 Warehouse (formerly IBM dashDB Local) is a client-managed, private cloud data warehouse for Docker container supported infrastructures. 


IBM Lift CLI makes it easy to quickly, securely and reliably migrate your data from your private, on-premises data source to an IBM cloud data property.


Data warehouse appliances and the new world order of analytics

An analyst white paper where Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D. of Intelligent Solutions, Inc. discusses a number of compelling topics on Data Warehouse Appliances and the Extended Data Warehouse Architecture.

IBM Fluid Query

Learn how Fluid Query unifies PureData System for Analytics with the logical data warehouse.

The hybrid data warehouse: Fluid, flexible, and formidable

In this report, Aberdeen explores the hybrid data warehouse, which operates in a world of legacy on-premise systems while exploiting the potential of cutting edge technologies and deployment styles.

Customer success

Obvion Hypotheken

Building an analytics platform to satisfy regulators and shape data-driven customer services.