IBM Netezza appliances are reaching end of support

IBM PureData/Netezza appliances will reach end of service /support in summer of 2019. Upgrade today and realize the full benefit of 20+ years of IBM Data Warehouse experience with improved performance and petabyte scalability.


Upgrade options include: The IBM Integrated Analytics System (IAS) was recently introduced as our next generation appliance built for high performance and petabyte scalability.  Or, move your data to the IBM Data Warehouse on Cloud (Db2WoC) which offers an elastic, high performance and fully-managed service. Both options are Netezza compatible and IBM provides the tools and services for customers to ease migration.

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Do Data Science Faster

Meeting the growing challenges of analytic needs associated with IOT and AI has never been so important. This makes it the perfect time to upgrade from Netezza and IBM has the options to meet your needs. Consider the IBM Integrated Analytics System (IAS),  the next generation appliance or the IBM Db2Warehouse on cloud. Both provide an easy path to migration, accommodate semi/unstructured data and drive new levels of data insights and machine learning.


IBM Integrated Analytics System

Optimized data warehouse appliance for the broadest array of workload options for structured, semi-structured and unstructured data; built to drive accelerated analytic decision-making.

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

An elastic, secure and fully managed, enterprise-grade cloud data warehouse for high-performance analytics that enables hybrid data warehousing.


Introducing the IBM Integrated Analytics System

Learn why now is the perfect time to consider migrating from Netezza to IBM Integrated Analytics System.

Introducing the IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

Learn  how IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud can help you lower cost,  enable flexibility and deliver deeper analytic insights.

Customer success stories

AMC Networks

Learn how a cable TV networks company captures new viewers, predicts ratings and adds value for advertisers in a multi-channel world, using IBM Integrated Analytics System.

GEO Corporation

Learn  how IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud can help you lower cost,  enable flexibility and deliver deeper analytic insights.

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