Why IBM Decision Optimization?

IBM Decision Optimization represents a family of optimization software that delivers prescriptive analytics capabilities to enable organizations to make better decisions and achieve business goals.

The Decision Optimization product family includes offerings like IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio that provide powerful modeling tools to build optimization models, either using general programming language APIs or Optimization Programming Language (OPL). Solve the breadth of optimization models using optimization solvers.

IBM Decision Optimization is an integral part of IBM Watson® Studio, so users can benefit from all data-science features of Watson Studio like access to machine-learning models, the ability to pass output from predictive analytics to the IBM Decision Optimization engine, access to open notebook features, visualization features and data connectivity options from Watson Studio.

Optimize machine learning decisions

IBM Decision Optimization for Watson Studio helps data science teams capitalize on the power of prescriptive analytics within IBM Data Science Experience.

The solution lets teams combine optimization and machine-learning techniques with model management, deployment and other data science capabilities to develop optimal solutions that   improve operational efficiency. Watch this webinar to learn how Decision Optimization complements Machine Learning techniques, evaluating millions of possibilities to find the best solution.

Key benefits

Powerful optimization engines for faster performance

Industry-leading CPLEX® Optimizer engine and CP Optimizer engine can solve the breadth of optimization problems and can deliver results quickly.

Better utilize: capital, personnel, equipment, vehicles, facilities, capital, personnel, equipment, vehicles and facilities.

Quickly build optimization models using your preferred language

Build models for scheduling use cases using innovative features, like natural language processing. Create optimization models either using general programming language APIs, like Python, Java or the optimization-specific Optimization Programming Language (OPL).

Access to more data science features

Decision Optimization is an integral part of IBM Watson Studio, providing access to a broad set of data science features, including machine learning and predictive models.

Featured customer story

FleetPride transforms supply chain management efficiency with IBM Analytics

FleetPride achieves supply chain efficiencies by giving supply chain managers game-changing insights into operational data delivered using IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio.


IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio

Provides a model development toolkit for rapid development of decision optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming.

IBM Decision Optimization for Watson Studio

Deliver business results by combining optimization with other data science capabilities on IBM Watson Studio.

IBM Decision Optimization Center

Build, deploy and use optimization-based decision-making applications for the enterprise. Includes data analysis and visualization, scenario management, collaborative planning and what-if analysis.

IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud

Leverage advanced analytics and decision-making optimization software on cloud to solve your most difficult planning and scheduling challenges. 

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS®

CPLEX Optimizer is available on z/OS with C and C++ API for modeling. Leverage CPLEX engine on z/OS to solve mathematical programming models, like MIP/ MIQCP.


Planning Analytics

Still taking a manual, trial-and-error approach to planning? Accelerate planning cycles and improve plan quality with Decision Optimization.

SPSS® Modeler

You've predicted what is likely to happen, what's next? Decision Optimization can help you decide what action to take. 

IBM Watson Studio

Leverage IBM's world-leading solution engines for mathematical programming and constraint programming, where you solve your toughest data challenges.


Discover a better way to make reliable decisions

Utilize the power of decision optimization on IBM Watson Studio.


Key IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio features and capabilities.

Solution Brief

Why IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio is the best choice for making decisions.

Combine optimization and machine learning for business impact

Deliver optimal business decisions with machine learning and decision optimization.

Client success stories

Optimization drives innovation in bulk tanker transportation company

Optimization software from IBM is helping the company find efficient transportation routes in near real-time, enabling huge cost savings and supporting growth.

Optimization software is helping keep a city on the move

Real-time optimization software helps distribute bicycles efficiently across one of the world’s largest cities.

Streamlining optimization and data science workflows

Red Eléctrica de España leverages optimization software to ensure reliable electricity supply for the Canary Islands.

Training the next generation of operations researchers

West Point cadets use IBM optimization software to model and solve highly complex problems, such as how best to secure the academy’s food supplies and reduce its energy consumption.

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