IBM MEA Client Center Nairobi, Kenya

IBM MEA Client Center Nairobi, Kenya

IBM MEA Client Center in Kenya offers an extended network engaging thousands of forward thinking businesses and learning how they can stay competitive by embracing the latest technologies. The center focuses on Business Solution Offerings and supporting a wide range of industries including: Banking, Public Sector and Telecommunication while developing opportunities in new markets around Insurance and Manufacturing. It offers clients, business partners and IBMers an innovative environment to host their own technical events using IBM’s Proof of Concepts (PoC), Proof of Technology (PoT), IBM Design Thinking Workshops, as well as other industry solution demos using The Agile Methodology.

Having a well-equipped data center provides a safe environment that allows clients and business partners to experience hands-on process without any obstacles or risks.

We look forward to welcoming you to IBM MEA Client Center Nairobi, Kenya.

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Rooms & Facilities

  • Re-writable perspex walls
  • Video conferencing infrastructure
  • Wireless Internet
  • Flexible Setting
  • Touch Screen Smart Board
  • LCD monitor, Inter-active Whiteboard functionality
  • Speaker system
  • Sony video camera
  • Laptop facilities
  • Design Thinking facilities


The room has a capacity for 16 persons suitable for board meetings and engaging conversations.

Intelligent Operation Center

The modern room has a capacity for 20 persons suitable for interactive and engaging workshops or presentations.

Lobby Area

The lobby area is equipped with a demo booth and is used as a comfortable breakout area and can also be used for big events as it can hosts up to 70 persons.

Mt. Longonot

The room has a capacity for 25 persons suitable for enablement, technical training and IBM Design Thinking Workshops.

Mt. Kenya

The room has a capacity for 30 persons suitable for technical training and IBM Design Thinking Workshops.

Nairobi Client Center Location


IBM East Africa Office
4th Flr, The Atrium
Lenana Road
Nairobi, Kenya

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Contact Details:

To arrange a client visit in the IBM MEA Client Center Nairobi, You can reach out to Shamsa Abdalla at 020 515 3000 or send an .