Transform the public’s perception of government

Governments need to digitally transform to deliver services citizens want and need. The public expects the agility and efficiency found in the private sector, and governments must embrace new technology, processes, ideas, and workforce skills to thrive.

of government entities are distrusted by citizens, consistently performing below other industries.

Solution areas


Reinvent government operations and culture relating to the citizen experience, economic vitality, and a future-proof workforce.


Arm civil servants with real-time insights to better anticipate threats, make faster and better decisions, and coordinate responses.


Better serve the public through personalized government experiences built from insights gained through prior interactions and relevant data.

Cross agency holistic emergency management

Cross agency holistic emergency management

Watch and learn how intelligent collection and use of data can help governments and their ecosystems plan proactively for disasters and mitigate impact.

Emergency management for safer citizens

Governments today need to have the right platform to engage, collaborate and communicate with citizens in time to better manage emergency situations.

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A Strange Exchange: brain science and public safety

One person studies how brains work. The other is a public safety expert. Their conversation? How to change the world.

IBM Technology

The nature of trust is evolving, and governments can transform citizen services with powerful technology.

Cyber Security

Create layers of defense against evolving threats with a security-infused system.


Support secure data management, appropriate access, and data privacy with IBM Cloud™.


Build trusted experiences for citizens and constituents with a connected IBM Z® for government mainframe platform.

Artificial intelligence

Use unstructured data to detect patterns, recommend solutions, and improve decision making.

Internet of Things

Tap in to real-time data sources for insights that can help improve citizens’ lives.

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