2024 IBM Sustainability Leadership Symposium - Water management


IBM is excited to host its 2024 Sustainability Leadership Symposium. This virtual event is designed to bring together key IBM suppliers with activities that may have a greater impact on the environment relative to what IBM procures to share best practices, progress, and achievements in environmental sustainability. 

This year’s theme is water management. The global demand for water is increasing and the places from which more water is sought is expanding. This is due to many factors including population growth, economic development, and changes in weather and climate. At the same time, the availability of clean water and access to it represent challenges in many parts of the world and to a significant portion of the global population. 

Through this symposium we want to provide a forum where companies can discuss and share insights into how operational efficiencies and innovative conservation efforts are helping to reduce water consumption and wastewater generation and increase water reuse and recycling from their operations. 

Attendees will also hear from a variety of IBM suppliers who have implemented innovative solutions to reduce their demand for water through enhanced operational efficiencies, transitioning to waterless processes or increased water reuse and recycling. Suppliers will share their implementation, successes and lessons learned to continually improve their environmental performance while meeting business objectives. Additionally, we will break into virtual roundtables to discuss water conservation approaches in more detail providing attendees the opportunity to discuss challenges and share best practices in a smaller group setting designed for facilitating interactions. 

We look forward to the event and hope you can join us!

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10:00 AM–10:10 AM EST Welcome and introduction

Nancy McGuire, Vice President, Indirect Procurement Americas, IBM

10:10 AM–10:25 AM EST Opening remarks

Wayne Balta, Vice President, Corporate Environmental Affairs and Product Safety & Chief Sustainability Officer, IBM

10:25 AM–11:00 AM EST Keynote address

Adam Fullerton, Vice President of Stadium Operations, Mercedes-Benz Stadium

11:00 AM–11:10 AM EST Break

11:10 AM–11:15 AM EST Overview of supplier showcases

Danielle Banks, Master of Ceremonies, Digital Broadcast Meteorologist, IBM Weather and Alliances

11:15 AM–11:35 AM EST Supplier showcase #1 - Samsung

Subject: Technology for sustainability - focus on waste
Speaker: David McIntyre, Director, Sustainable Products Planning, Device Solutions America, Samsung Semiconductor

11:35 AM–11:55 AM EST Supplier showcase #2 - Apleona

Subject: Apleona's approach and vision for waste collection in EMEA
Katrin Hornung, HSEQ Manager for Apleona ITS and Team Lead of the Sustainability Center of Competence for EMEA
Neil Gallagher, Sustainability Center of Competence for EMEA, Apleona

11:55 AM–12:15 PM EST Supplier showcase #3 - Flex

Subject: A global diversified manufacturer's approach to zero-waste certification
Speaker: Carmen Ramirez, Senior Director, Environmental, Health, and Safety, Flex

12:15 PM–12:35 PM EST Supplier showcase #4 - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Subject: Three key learnings from helping companies with their sustainable transformation
Speaker: Jim Cavanaugh, Global Senior Director, Marketing & Research, HPE Financial Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

12:35 PM–12:55 PM EST Supplier showcase #5 - Lenovo

Subject: Circular is smarter
Speaker: Kimberly Fox, Senior Manager, Global ESG Operations, Lenovo

12:55 PM–1:05 PM EST Break
1:05 PM–1:45 PM EST Roundtable discussions

Breakout Room Topic A: Driving a circular economy through procurement best practices (Moderator - Becky Morones, IBM)

Breakout Room Topic B: Pros, cons and challenges of zero waste to landfill certifications
(Moderator - Michael Chanell, IBM)

Breakout Room Topic C: Strategies to minimize manufacturing waste 
(Moderator - Ryan Reed, IBM)

Breakout Room Topic D: Tools for tracking and measuring waste 
(Moderator - Ginette Best, IBM)

1:45 PM–2:00 PM EST Closing remarks

Edan Dionne, Vice President, Environmental, Energy and Chemical Management Programs, Corporate Environmental Affairs, IBM