Web applications

Dynamic Assessment Plugin

Quickly scans web applications to identify accessibility issues and recommends corrections to violations.

Automated A11y Tester

Detects and remediates accessibility issues during agile development and testing.

Digital Content Checker

Inspects and verifies the accessibility of HTML content and EPUB documents.

Open source accessibility

Photo of an African-American sitting at his desk working on his laptop.

Desktop accessibility: AccProbe

Combines numerous accessibility inspection and event management tools to test rich client applications.

Photo of a computer screen that is displaying lines of code.

Repository of best practices: Va11yS

Working accessibility code samples and design patterns that can be used to speed development efforts.


Photo of an Asian man sitting on a desk looking away from his work and holding a pencil in his hand.

Accessibility checklists

Set of guidelines to help create accessible web, mobile and desktop applications for people of all abilities.

Photo of a man sitting in front of his laptop wearing vision goggles. The goggles help him test his applications for accessibility requirements.

Inclusive design

Design principles to help you better understand how physical and cognitive disabilities affect the use of a product.