Photo of young Caucasian boy sitting in his room holding a mobile device.

Autism and cognitive disabilities

Simplify, summarize, and augment content to increase comprehension and understanding.

Photo of a blind woman walking down a hallway using a white cane and a mobile device. On the right hand side of her is a graphical illustration of the inside of a building with a blue line showing her route.

Mobile navigation

Cognitive voice navigation system guides people with disabilities with an accessible route to their intended destination.

Photo of a man holding a mobile device in an office environment while his colleagues work at a table in front of him.

Customer experience

Improve customer interactions by optimizing the usability of websites with accessibility overlays.

Photo of a Caucasian woman sitting at her desk working on her laptop.


Create more engaging digital multimedia content – videos, podcasts, web conferences and other rich media – with automated captioning using advanced speech recognition.

Photo of Local Motor's Olli self-driving bus with it's door open on a city street.

Accessible transportation

Advancing the role technology can play in transforming transportation for the aging population and people with disabilities by creating the world's most accessible, self-driving vehicle.