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IBM has a long-standing commitment to people with disabilities which began in 1914 when we hired our first disabled employee. In keeping with that commitment to accessibility, IBM strongly supports the U.S. Federal government's use of accessibility as a criterion in the procurement of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Our own efforts to define and deliver sensible and effective approaches to promote accessibility evolved as the government defined its standards for Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

IBM has integrated accessibility into our product-development process. Completed accessibility checklists are required at key phases of the development process and accessibility verification is integrated into testing and validation procedures.

Accessibility features for people with disabilities:

  • Support interfaces commonly used by screen readers.
  • Can be operated using only the keyboard.
  • Allow the user to request more time to complete timed responses.
  • Support customization of display attributes such as color, contrast, and font size.
  • Communicate all information independently of color.
  • Support interfaces commonly used by screen magnifiers.
  • Provide documentation in an accessible format.
  • Support alternatives to audio information.
  • Support adjustable volume control.

Access to IBM product accessibility information

You can learn about the accessibility of IBM products by completing an accessibility conformance report request for the product's Accessibility Conformance Report (in VPAT® 2.0 format). If a report for a product you request is not currently viewable online, it will be e-mailed to you.

Our Client Representatives prefer to work directly with U.S. Federal Government agencies to deliver solutions that fully address your needs and compliance with standards such as Section 508.

Use the IBM Federal Information Call Center to locate your IBM Client Representative:

Phone: 1-800-333-6705
TTY: 1-800-IBM-3383
Web site: IBM for US Federal Government

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