Hardware Self Contained, Closed Products

Checkpoint 4.1: Volume control

For devices with audio output, provide the ability to adjust the volume. Provide a function to reset the volume to the default level after every use.


When a product uses audio output to provide important information, someone with a hearing impairment can have difficulty hearing the information if they are in a public area. Users need to be able to adjust the volume so they can hear the information. If the product is in an environment with a high noise level, users may need to adjust the volume so the voice output can be heard.

Required development techniques

The following techniques are the minimum required to meet Checkpoint 4.1 from the IBM Hardware Self Contained, Closed Products Accessibility Checklist:

Recommended development techniques

The techniques above are required; the following technique is recommended to enhance accessibility:

Provide visual and non-visual indicators when the volume is in the off position.

Required test techniques

Test the hardware to ensure that it complies with accessibility requirements.


A sound meter is needed to test this checkpoint.


One or more of the following techniques are required to verify this checkpoint:
Action Result
1. Verify that there is a physical volume control on the system.

Verify through inspection.

2. Verify that there is a software interface for adjusting the volume.

Verify through inspection of the specification and software test cases.

3. Verify that the volume can be reset to the default level.

Verify by using a sound level meter.


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