Hardware Self Contained, Closed Products

Checkpoint 4.2: Audio connectors

If audio output is provided, provide an industry standard audio connector to allow for private listening. Provide the ability to interrupt, pause, and restart the audio.


When a product uses audio to communicate important information, individuals using personal headphones, amplifiers, audio couplers and other audio processing devices need a place to plug the device into the product in a standard way. This gives the user the ability to listen privately to the information.

Required development techniques

The following techniques are the minimum required to meet Checkpoint 4.2 from the IBM Hardware Self Contained, Closed Products Accessibility Checklist:

Required test techniques

Test the hardware to ensure that it complies with accessibility requirements.


No tools are needed to test this checkpoint:


One or more of the following techniques are required to verify this checkpoint:
Action Result
1. Verify the system has an industry standard audio port, visually and by verifying specifications. Pass:

2. Verify the system can pause, restart and interrupt the audio output, visually and by verifying specifications. Pass:


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