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10.3 Accessibility references

"Accessibility Guidelines"
IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center.
See the "Checklist quick list " section for accessibility checklists.

"Accessibility Quick Reference Guide"
Sun Microsystems. access.quick.ref.html Simple overview on the importance of accessibility and tips for making applications more accessible.

"Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines"
W3C Recommendation 3 February 2000. J. Trevianus, C. McCathieNevile, I. Jacobs, and J. Richards eds. Guidelines for developers of authoring tools to both make the output of the tools accessible as well as make the user interface of the tool accessible to persons who have disabilities.

"Making the GUI Talk"
Richard S. Schwerdtfeger, IBM. BYTE, 1991. sr2doc/guitalk.txt Off-Screen model technology and GUI screen readers.

"IBM Java Technology Zone"
IBM developerWorks. Tools, code, and content designed to serve the wants and needs of Java developers world wide.

"Java Development Kit"
Sun Microsystems. Java2 platform product family, including the Java2 SDK, Standard Edition, version 1.3.

"Java Foundation Class"
Sun Microsystems. More information about the JFC and Access Utilities.

"Sun Microsystems Enabling Technologies Program"
Sun Microsystems. Driven by the belief that designing to meet the needs of users with disabilities can improve the productivity of ALL users.

"Standards for Electronic and Information Technology, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act"
US Access Board. Independent federal agency whose primary mission is accessibility for people with disabilities.

The most current version of these guidelines is maintained on the IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center web site at:

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