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IBM Guidelines for Writing Accessible Applications Using 100% Pure Java™

Version 2.4
26 January 2004
© Copyright IBM ® Corporation 1998, 2006


Application developers should consider the special needs of disabled users when they develop software programs in Java. Meeting the needs of disabled users will benefit all users, including those of new pervasive devices. In these guidelines, we discuss the following topics:

These topics are covered in detail with supporting rationale, citing specific Java code. Examples are provided where appropriate.

These guidelines highlight the Java accessibility features and provide guidance for creating accessible Java-based software. This is the industry's first set of 100% pure Java application development guidelines for accessibility. The guidelines are designed to be interactive, available online, and easy to update. To print the guidelines document it is best to print all linked documents. The latest version of this document, as well as additional accessibility resource information, can be found in the Accessibility References section of this document.

Table of contents

© 1998, 2006 IBM Corporation
Last updated January 5, 2006

Document Author:
Richard S. Schwerdtfeger
SWG Accessibility Strategist - Emerging Internet Technologies
IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center