Hardware checklist

Checkpoint 5.2: Volume control

Provide a physical volume control or provide an interface so that volume can be controlled with software.


Users may not be able to hear or distinguish sounds at certain volumes, so they need the ability to adjust the volume. A user that is hard of hearing can have difficulty hearing auditory output and needs to adjust the volume so they can hear the warnings and messages. A user with a vision impairment may depend on speech output and will need to adjust the volume to accommodate different environmental conditions.

Required development techniques

Use one or more of the following techniques to meet Checkpoint 5.2 from the IBM Hardware Accessibility Checklist:

Recommended development techniques

The above techniques are required; the following techniques are recommended to enhance accessibility.

Required test techniques

Test the hardware to ensure that it complies with accessibility requirements.


No tools are needed to test this checkpoint:


One or more of the following techniques are required to verify this checkpoint:
Action Result


Verify that there is a physical volume control on the system.
Verify through inspection.




Verify that there is a software interface for adjusting the volume.
Verify through inspection of the specification and software test cases.



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