Hardware checklist

Checkpoint 2.3: Key repeat

If key repeat is supported, the delay before repeat shall be adjustable to at least 2 seconds. Key repeat rate shall be adjustable to 2 seconds per character.


When key repeat is supported, a user with a mobility impairment may not be able to remove pressure from a key fast enough to prevent the key repeat function from initiating. Similarly, when they do want a key repeated, they may need a slower repeat rate.

Required development techniques

The following techniques are required to meet Checkpoint 2.3 from the IBM Hardware Accessibility Checklist:

Recommended development techniques

The above techniques are required; the following techniques are recommended to enhance accessibility.

Required test techniques

Test the hardware to ensure that it complies with accessibility requirements.


No tools are required to test this checkpoint:


One or more of the following techniques are required to verify this checkpoint:
Action Result


Verify that there is a utility included with the system that can be used to set the repeat key characteristics. Note: On systems that include the Windows Operating Systems, this utility is found in the Accessibility options - Keyboard section.



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