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This hardware checklist is used for meeting legacy US Section 508 requirements. IBM does not have plans to update this published checklist for the Revised Section 508 standard (2017).

IBM teams can read hardware guidance (IBM internal page) for more details.

Understanding Accessibility

If you are new to accessibility, review "Understanding accessibility" before completing the checklist or contacting the Human Ability and Accessibility Center for help.

IBM Hardware accessibility checklist

Use this checklist for:

Techniques pages, accessed via the link in each checkpoint, may contain more recent updates. Be sure to review the techniques pages for the latest accessibility guidance.

IBM Hardware accessibility checklist - version 3.7
1 Controls and latches Checkpoint status
Yes, No, Planned, N/A
1.1 Controls and latches should be reachable and operable with one hand and minimal dexterity.

1.2 Provide alternative forms of user identification for biometric identification.

1.3 Provide an alternative input method for touchscreens or touch-operated controls.

2 Keys, keyboards and keypads Checkpoint status
Yes, No, Planned, N/A
2.1 Provide the status of all locking or toggle keys visually and either through touch or sound.

2.2 Provide keys which are tactilely discernible without activating them.

2.3 If key repeat is supported, the delay before repeat shall be adjustable to at least 2 seconds. Key repeat rate shall be adjustable to 2 seconds per character.

3 Alternate external connections Checkpoint status
Yes, No, Planned, N/A
3.1 Provide industry standard ports for alternative input and output devices.

4 Color and contrast Checkpoint status
Yes, No, Planned, N/A
4.1 Use color as an enhancement, not as the only way to convey information or distinguish keys, controls and labels.

5 Sounds Checkpoint status
Yes, No, Planned, N/A
5.1 Provide an interface so that use of system sounds can be known to software.

5.2 Provide a physical volume control or provide an interface so that volume can be controlled with software.

Use the appropriate checklist to assess software that is included with hardware systems, including any software that is used to administer or control servers:

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