IBM Accessibility Checklist for Software

Version 6.1

This is the IBM Accessibility Checklist for Software - Version 6.1. It updates the Checklist for Software - Version 6.0 (which replaced IBM Software Accessibility Checklist 3.6.1 on January, 18 2016).

This checklist and its checkpoint pages position IBM software products in preparation for the US Section 508 Refresh (including the need to incorporate WCAG 2.0 and Interoperability requirements), while still ensuring compliance with existing 508 requirements. Review the Comparison to 508 Software as well as the last section on this page, Using the IBM Accessibility Checklist, for more information.

The Summary of Changes lists all substantial modifications to this checklist since its release.

Where indicated as N/A, the indicated checkpoint does not apply to most Software. Review Checkpoints that are Not Applicable for most Software for more information.

*N/A for most Software = Does not apply to most Software

IBM Accessibility Checklist v1.0 for Web IBM Accessibility Checklist v1.0 for Software IBM Accessibility Checklist v1.0 for Documentation

WCAG 2.0 Checkpoints

Legacy 508 Software Checkpoints

508 Refresh Draft Interoperability and Applications Checkpoints

Using the IBM Accessibility Checklist

Checkpoints are divided into sections that match the standards they reflect or enforce.

502 Interoperability with Assistive Technology and 503 Applications are parts of the draft Section 508 Refresh requirements. Where items have direct bearing on existing 508 requirements, they have been included.

Platforms, platform software toolkits, and applications must comply with the 502 Interoperability checkpoints. Applications must comply with 503 Applications.

Examples of platforms are desktop, embedded operating systems (including mobile), web browsers, plug-ins to web browsers which render a particular media or format, and sets of components which allow other applications to execute.

Applications may be web-based or client-side software. Examples of applications are email clients, word processors, help desk systems, content management systems, e-learning courseware, and terminal emulation.

See Checklist 6.0 to 3.6.1 Comparison and Impact Analysis for guidance.

This checklist guidance applies to general software products and applications that have a user interface. On each checkpoint page, in additional to General Techniques there is specific guidance for iOS, Eclipse and Windows (using MSAA and IA2) technologies.

Many links in this checklist reside outside at the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. W3C Recommendation 05 June 2018:

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