Authoring tools capable of exporting PDF files that conform to ISO 32000-1:2008 (PDF 1.7) shall also be capable of exporting PDF files that conform to ANSI/AIIM/ISO 14289-1:2016 (PDF/UA-1).


Where authoring tools provide the ability to create accessible PDF 1.7 output, products need to confirm that the international standard is also supported by the authoring tool.

Due to copyright, IBM is unable to provide a copy of this standard. It is available as a paid download. The ANSI/AIIM/ISO 14289-1:2016 specification in the Section 508 standards contains the same exact text as the ISO 14289-1:2014 standard, except for the cover page and name. Either download version can be used for conforming to PDF/UA-1

Section 508 guidance states the following:

"Any authoring tools that export PDF files are required to allow a user to comply with the International Standard for Accessible PDF Technology (PDF/UA-1). PDF/UA-1 provides a technical, interoperable standard for the authoring, remediation, and validation of PDF content to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities who use AT such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, and joysticks to navigate and read electronic content."

Note: PDF is not a tactical format for IBM products or their documentation. As such, IBM does not provide testing or development guidance beyond the following general techniques. If the version of PDF file output by an authoring tool is not version 1.7, this checkpoint is Not Applicable.

General techniques

Instructions: Each item in this section represents a technique that can help authoring tool output conform to PDF/UA-1.

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