Mobile-based Solutions

Our asset IPP (Intelligent Pervasive Platform) is the framework for our solutions : IPP is a 8 man-years development asset, using defined Points of Interest (POI) by category in the geo-localization context and user profile.

IPP allows to seamlessly enrich Mobile Application with information content delivery related to Points Of Interest (POI). IPP can be interfaced by mobile application either on native development (Android, iPhone, Windows …) or on a web-based application. In a non comprehensive list, it supports the MobileFirst offering with the Worklight integration; it interfaces with ILOG ODM for rules management and Cognos & SPSS for Business Analytics.

It has been integrated to the Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) in order to leverage data monitoring. In order to ease the application development, it proposes extensible REST APIs and a DB2 NOSQL storage capability (JSON). One key feature is the ability to execute spatial computation.

IPP framework

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