Business Challenges

  • How to manage people flow in the city?
  • How to guide them to some areas instead of some others?
  • How to guide them to discover the unknown parts of the city and – by consequence – stimulate the economic activity to the interested areas?
  • How to get feedback from them?
  • How to do it with their personal devices?

IBM´s Solution

  • TagMyLagoon was based on Human Centric Innovation open architecture framework: IPP
  • Multiplatform delivery (iPhone, Android, Symbian)
  • Wifi georeferentiation (not using GPS to localize the users)
  • Static mapping (graphic+description) supported to help the users to be guided between not inter-connected points of interest

Business benefits

  • Instrumented : because it let the users interact with sensors and devices and localize them so that the City of Venice had the ability to know, guide and measure the tourist flow.
  • Interconnected : because it put in connection people, physical locations, information on servers, users feedback using the Web and the Wifi network in place in an entirely new way.
  • Intelligent: because it used the existing network , the tourist personal mobiles, a simple localization system with low impact on maintenance and mass market diffusion so that the City of Venice can respond to moods quickly and accurately, predicting and optimizing for future events and paths.

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