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Business Challenges

  • Siracusa is one of the world’s oldest and most culturally significant cities. People come from all over the world to see its landmarks.
  • Siracusa had no way to determine how they resonated with its own citizens and tourists
  • Which places were most popular among which groups? Which were least popular, and why?
  • Were there places that required maintenance or needed to be made more accessible?

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IBM´s Solution

  • The Comune di Siracusa developed the LoveCityIndex mobile application, which provides visitors with location-specific information and encourages them to provide direct feedback in the form of comments and numerical ratings.
  • The solution also analyses social media content, identifying and analysing public sentiment and giving Siracusa’s leaders a detailed understanding of how people feel about the city and its landmarks.
  • LoveCityIndex is an IBM cloud-hosted solution that uses IBM Intelligent Pervasive Platform (IPP). LoveCityIndex users can rate Siracusa landmarks and post comments and questions directly from their mobile devices.

Business benefits

  • Make it possible to quantify the quality and popularity of city attractions
  • Encourages a sense of community by giving citizens and tourists a way to give their opinions
  • Helps preserve history by alerting city government to potential issues with landmarks in near-real time
  • For the first time ever, the Comune di Siracusa can understand and quantify what people are thinking and feeling when they visit the city’s landmarks.
  • Actionable insights provide city leaders with information about changes that may increase tourists’ satisfaction levels.
  • The solution is helping the city preserve world history by enlisting the public’s help.

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