Abitare Sicuri

  • Sector: Healthcare, Public
  • Where: Bolzano, Italy - 09/2010
  • Customer: Bolzano City Hall

Business Challenges

    The City of Bolzano aims to become the reference point in developing new models of assistance and support to aging population in order both to innovate the social services through technology and establish new economic sustainable models. The Abitare Sicuri/Sicheres Wohnen project target is to coach and assist remotely a panel of users of 75+ of age with and w/o specific pathologies while in their home or in their daily outside activities. The scenario involves a network of assistants which also include relatives through a web based and mobile network based system of interaction.

IBM´s Solution

  • Design of the entire scenario of process, users, players with routines, roles, involvments
  • Interactive touchscreen system to coach end users in both physical and mental rehabilitation activities while in their house with remote potential live support of therapists.
  • Mobile application to retrieve feedbacks from users on their mental/health/generic-well-being status with coaching functions and click-to-call emergency call.
  • Full independent open-source/zig bee based system of sensors to monitor house parameters and activate emergency routines in case of data discrepancy.
  • Dashboard implementation and design for the therapists

Honoured by Computerworld

Business benefits

  • Reduce cost of face to face assistance
  • Increase the end-user satisfaction
  • Manage a higher number of patients
  • Let people live their own life

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