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Lille Metropole Museum of ModernLille Metropole Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art (LaM)

"Tag My LaM" is a new technology for museum visitors' use on their smartphones. Undertaken with IBM and Urbilog, the application enables visitors to stroll through the museum’s sculpture park and hear information in the language of their choice about the closest nearby sculpture on their smartphones. For visually impaired visitors, an audio version of the information is also available.

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  • City of Nettuno

    City of Nettuno

    Nettuno developed an interactive service providing real-time accessibility information via a free smartphone application that identifies which town buildings provide easy and safe access.

  • Cleveland Sight Center

    Cleveland Sight Center

    Founded in 1906, the Cleveland Sight Center provides educational, rehabilitative and support services for thousands of people in the greater Cleveland area who are blind or visually impaired. IBM provided a strategic business assessment and technology roadmap that outlines the center's accessibility and adaptive technology needs by consumer group and focus area.

  • Oxfordshire County Council in the UK

    Oxfordshire County Council in the UK

    IBM partnered with the Oxfordshire County Council to create cost-effective, accessible, engaging e-learning materials for it's 6,000 Council and partner agency staff.

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