Photo of an elderly Caucasian couple standing in their kitchen making a meal.

Transforming the way seniors age in place

By leveraging a network of connected devices, sensors and cognitive systems, IBM is helping family members and caregivers proactively monitor the health and well-being of our seniors.

Loneliness and the aging population

For the aging population, loneliness is more than a state of mind — it is an emerging risk factor that has implications for personal, economic and societal well-being.

Learn more about our latest research, which explores how organizations in many industries can help older adults strengthen their social fabric and reconnect to others.

Photo of an elderly man sitting alone on a chair staring out into the ocean.


Collaboration with Rice University to create the Multi-Purpose Eldercare Robot Assistant (IBM MERA).

Aging in Place Lab

Studying how atmospheric, motion & falling, audio, and olfactory sensors can improve health and wellness.

Profile photo of an elderly Caucasian woman with long white hair standing in a room.

Outthink Aging Study

What are the challenges and opportunities for meeting the needs of the aging demographic? What technologies, partnerships, and business models will have the greatest impact on our parents and grandparents?