Designed to help senior living facilities and residences:

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Identify changes in physical conditions or anomalies in environmental readings.

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Personalize care by building a contextual understanding of each person's normal daily activities.

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Improve business operations by ensuring staff is more focused on helping residents and patients as potential medical issues arise.

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Uncover potential risks to help minimize hospital readmission rates.

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The solution can monitor atmospheric readings in a person's home, such as carbon-dioxide and carbon-monoxide levels, to help determine what time someone wakes up and goes to bed, where a person is in the residence and how long they remained, or how many meals they eat and at what time.

It also tracks and analyzes a person's gait analysis, factors that could lead to fall risk, and daily activities, including personal hygiene, sleeping patterns, incontinence and trips to the bathroom.



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By analyzing data streaming from sensors in senior living facilities, Avamere hopes to gain insights into physical and environmental conditions, and obtain deeper learnings into the factors that affect 30-day hospital readmission rates in patients.

Photo of a nurse standing in the hallway of a senior housing facility working on a touchscreen hanging on the wall.