What Watson can do for you

Answer your customers' most pressing questions

Quickly extract key information from all documents

Reveal insights, patterns and relationships across data

Watson analyzes unstructured data


of all data today is unstructured

This includes news articles, research reports, social media posts and enterprise system data

How Watson reveals insights

Analyzes unstructured data

Uses natural language processing to understand grammar and context

Understands complex questions

Evaluates all possible meanings and determines what is being asked

Presents answers and solutions

Based on supporting evidence and quality of information found

How Watson answers questions

Watson first needs to learn a new subject before it can answer questions about it

First Watson learns a new subject

  • All related materials are loaded into Watson, such as Word documents, PDFs and web pages
  • Questions and answers pairs are added to train Watson on the subject
  • Watson is automatically updated as new information is published

Then Watson answers a question

  • Watson searches millions of documents to find thousands of possible answers
  • Collects evidence and uses a scoring algorithm to rate the quality of this evidence
  • Ranks all possible answers based on the score of its supporting evidence