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Text to Speech

Enable computers to speak like humans

General Availability

Text to Speech converts written text into natural sounding audio in a variety of languages and voices. You can customize and control the pronunciation of specific words to deliver a seamless voice interaction that catered s to your audience. Use text to speech to develop interactive toys for children, automate call center interactions, and communicate directions hands-free.

Intended Use

Use Text to Speech anywhere there's a need to communicate using the spoken word. Common uses of the Text to Speech service include:

  • Assistance tools for the vision-impaired
  • Reading-based education tools
  • Mobile applications

You input

  • Brazilian Portuguese plain text
  • English plain text
  • French plain text
  • German plain text
  • Italian plain text
  • Japanese plain text
  • Spanish plain text

Service output

  • Brazilian Portuguese speech (1 female voice)
  • US English speech (choose between 3 voices: 2 female, 1 male)
  • UK English speech (1 female voice)
  • French speech (1 female voice)
  • German speech (choose between 2 voices: 1 female, 1 male)
  • Japanese speech (1 female voice)
  • Italian speech (1 female voice)
  • Castilian Spanish speech (choose between 2 voices: 1 female, 1 male)
  • North American Spanish speech (1 female voice)

Try it out

Check out the Text to Speech demo below. Enter your own text or choose the pre-entered text and select from the drop-down list which voice (language and gender) you want to generate the speech in. Then click "Download" to download the audio file or "Speak" to have the browser stream the audio. The application Watson Spoken Healthcare on the Watson Developer Cloud App Gallery also demonstrates the Text to Speech service..


Standard Service


First million characters per month are FREE. Additional characters are $0.02 per thousand.

Includes the ability to use any of the voices available in all supported languages.


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Watson Premium plans offer a higher level of security and isolation to help customers with sensitive data requirements.

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