Using the Personality Insights service

The Personality Insights service was updated on February 13, 2017. The list of consumption preferences that the service returns has been refined to include only those preferences most important for understanding an individual's dominant habits and characteristics. Information about results for Arabic language input has also been updated, including limitations regarding the results for some characteristics. The service was further updated on February 20 for small security and defect fixes and to improve the metering of API calls. For more information about these and all recent updates to the service, see the Release notes.

The IBM Watson™ Personality Insights service provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables applications to derive insights from social media, enterprise data, or other digital communications. The service uses linguistic analytics to infer individuals' intrinsic personality characteristics, including Big Five, Needs, and Values, from digital communications such as email, text messages, tweets, and forum posts.

The service can automatically infer, from potentially noisy social media, portraits of individuals that reflect their personality characteristics. The service can also determine individuals' consumption preferences, which indicate their likelihood to prefer various products, services, and activities.

As a core service of the IBM Watson platform, the Personality Insights service can help businesses understand their customers at a deeper level. It can help businesses learn their clients' preferences, improve customer satisfaction, and strengthen client relations. Businesses can use these insights to improve client acquisition, retention, and engagement, and to guide highly personalized engagements and interactions to better tailor their products, services, campaigns, and communications for individual clients.

You can see a quick demo of the Personality Insights service in action. The demo lets you analyze input text to develop a personality portrait that includes consumption preferences for the author. Applications in Watson Developer Cloud Starter Kits also demonstrate the Personality Insights service. For information about the pricing plans available for the service, see the Personality Insights service in Bluemix®.

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