Release notes

The following new features and changes to the service are available.

15 March 2017

  • We released updates to the emotion tone score model. The training dataset was expanded and as a result, it has a much higher precision.

1 December 2016

  • We have released updates to the document emotion tone scores. The new model takes into account emotion profile of sentences, to aggregate the document score.

3 October 2016

  • Emotion Analysis enhancements: Significant enhancements to emotion analysis. There's new training data, a new feature selection process, and augmented lexicons used for words, emojis and slang. This means that there are different but significantly improved emotion scores at the sentence level. There are no input or output changes to the API itself, just more accurate scores.

12 August 2016

  • Targeted Emotion Analysis: The new Targeted Emotion feature allows you to analyze emotions that are associated with specified target phrases in your content. You can also detect emotions that are associated with entities and keywords with their respective API methods and in a combined call by passing the parameter emotion=1.

23 June 2016