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Smarter Analytics

On a Smarter Planet, those with the best analytics win

Harness the power of IBM Analytics Solution Centers

Research has shown that outperforming organizations use analytics pervasively. According to a study conducted by IBM and MIT Sloan Management Review (US), companies that harness the power of analytics are 2.2 times more likely to outperform their peers. Yet as business leaders and organizations strive to capture the benefits of analytics, many lack a clear strategy—or simply do not know how to begin.

A global network of Solution Centers
To address this rapidly growing need, IBM has developed a global network of eight Analytics Solution Centers throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Live demonstrations and hands-on workshops
These centers provide venues for clients around the world to explore the latest developments and collaborate with analytics experts from IBM. The centers offer quick and easy access to a range of advanced analytics solutions, resources and IBM experts. They give live demonstrations of how Smarter Analytics solutions and technology options can solve your most challenging business problems. They also provide you with hands-on workshops that can help you get started on using analytics to improve business performance.

Analytics Solution Centers

IBM has 8 Analytics Solution Centers around the world to help you develop analytics strategies that harness the power of Big Data to drive business outcomes.

Transportation, energy and utilities

New York
Financial services



Financial and public sector

A Tactical Guide to Smarter Analytics

Featuring Research from Gartner Strategic Roadmap for Analytics

Experience Innovation

Visit the IBM Virtual Analytics Solution Center to learn about Smarter Analytics Solutions.

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The Widening Divide

Companies with the best analytics win.

Featured events

Transforming an Industry with Big Data, a Telco Example

Attend the IBM Smarter Analytics Success web seminar to learn how Idea Cellular achieved big results.

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Watch a replay on demand

Events at the Analytics Solution Centers and Virtual Analytics Solution Center

Date Event Location
March 20, 2012 IBM Smarter Analytics Leadership Summit - Simulcast Virtual ASC
March 29, 2012 Taking the Guesswork Out of Risk Management (US) Washington D.C. ASC
April 11, 2012 Gain new insight to help reduce customer churn - Webcast Virtual ASC
April 12, 2012 Advanced Case Management and Fraud Prevention (US) Washington D.C. ASC
April 26, 2012 Technologies that Drive Watson: Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning (US) Washington D.C. ASC
April 26, 2012 London ASC
May 9, 2012 London ASC
May 10, 2012 Obtaining Value and Insight with Social Media Analysis (US) Washington D.C. ASC
May 23, 2012 Business Analytics Government Forum Washington D.C. ASC
May 23, 2012 Netezza Event London ASC
May 29, 2012 Automotive Sector Workshop London ASC
June 7, 2012 Analytics Under the Covers: Information Management Washington D.C. ASC
June 13, 2012 Reducing Readmissions with IBM Content and Predictive Analytics - Webcast Virtual ASC