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IBM Maximo® Asset Management solution for airports

The challenge

Growing inefficiency in operations

Managing the day-to-day operations of an airport is a complex, challenging task. You need to provide your customers and tenants with a satisfying experience while ensuring that your facilities and assets, from baggage handling equipment to elevators, are functioning optimally. To help overcome these challenges, you need a robust, efficient asset lifecycle management solution that can help you cost-effectively manage your critical airport assets.


The solution

Manage airport assets effectively

IBM Maximo® Asset Management solution for airports is designed to help you understand and better manage the location, condition, availability and status of your airport’s assets. This solution uses advanced analytics to manage critical assets from a single system, allowing greater visibility and operational control across the enterprise while providing predictive maintenance capabilities to help reduce costs and downtime. By consolidating all asset-related information in a single repository, we help you better assess and manage asset performance. Through improved asset utilization and operational efficiency, you can increase your ROI and deliver an enhanced customer experience.


The benefits

Improve customer experience

Our solution is designed to leverage advanced analytics to track, monitor and manage airport assets effectively through a single, integrated platform. It also helps:

  • Enhance ROI and customer experience through more efficient utilization of airport assets and predicting demand for facilities
  • Enable greater operational efficiency while helping reduce costs
  • Facilitate improved airport security and safety management through asset tracking and maintenance


The specifics

Reduce risk of operational disruption

IBM helps provide the Maximo® Asset Management solution for airports that need to reduce the risk of disruption to their operations while providing an improved end-to-end experience to travelers and tenants. We can help you effectively track, manage and maintain your assets in order to optimize their utilization, improve operational efficiency and achieve increased return on your asset investments. Our offering features:

  • A modern, integrated J2EE technology platform that supports both physical and IT assets
  • End-to-end asset lifecycle management including asset procurement, deployment, maintenance and retirement
  • A dynamic, interconnected suite that features consolidated solutions for asset management
  • Service-oriented architecture that can provide flexibility in operations and help speed deployment



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