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Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Airport Operations Management Systems solution from IBM

A suite of application offerings that can bring together disparate airport operations systems in an integrated environment to enable near-real-time information sharing, response to real-time events and more efficient airport operations management.

Asset management and maintenance solutions from IBM

Our solutions can help you reduce costs and maintenance needs, make faster, more informed decisions regarding asset availability and improve reliability through effective measurement of maintenance operations using performance management technologies, analytics and business intelligence.

Baggage management for travel and transportation

Shorter connections, increasing customer demand and limited flexibility of mechanized baggage handling systems are driving the need for better baggage handling. The baggage management solution from IBM can help increase operational efficiency, while providing a more positive passenger experience.

Personalized e-commerce solution from IBM

Use predictive analytics to help enhance customer experience and service. By linking your intelligent business processes with value fulfillment at the point of service, you can gain near-real-time journey performance tracking.

Loyalty marketing solution for travel from IBM

In an industry over-saturated with customer reward programs, travel companies need to improve the entire journey. IBM can show you how to use analytics to implement a loyalty strategy to help you gain a significant advantage over the competition.

Fleet optimization for travel and transportation

Put your fleet into overdrive by implementing fleet optimization from IBM. Turn your assets—including vehicles, trucks, drivers and cargo—into business tools that supply your enterprise systems and people with critical information in real time, whether the asset is in transit, in maintenance or on the lot.

IBM Cognos software for travel and transportation

IBM® Cognos® software for travel and transportation helps you plan and forecast, align supply with demand, optimize for efficiency, monitor performance and adjust day-to-day operations to exceed targets and respond to market changes. It turns data into actionable information so you can make better-informed business decisions.

Video correlation and analysis suite from IBM

Traditional video surveillance systems present a number of challenges for transportation facilities. Video correlation and analysis suite (VCAS) from IBM can help integrate data from a variety of monitoring devices, and apply advanced analytics to improve security, reduce security overhead and move from a reactive to a proactive response.

IBM ILOG optimization solutions for travel and transportation

For travel and transportation companies, scheduling resources is a daily struggle. IBM ILOG® optimization solutions can simplify the process by computing every available schedule or route. With a clear view of the many possibilities to choose from, you can ensure assets are used in ways that generate the most value.

IBM WebSphere ILOG business rules management systems for freight

Decision management for proposing, tracking and provisioning customized freight services is the lifeblood of the freight business. IBM® WebSphere® ILOG® business rules management systems for freight allow you to make flexible, responsive and transparent changes.

IBM Maximo® Asset Management solution for airports

Help deliver an improved end-to-end customer experience and increase return on investments (ROIs) by optimizing the utilization of your airport’s assets with a single, integrated platform that can manage both physical and IT assets to enable greater visibility and efficiency across your airport’s operations.

IBM Maximo® for Transportation

Smarter asset management can be the critical factor to remaining profitable and competitive. Our solution can help your business maximize asset reliability and availability, and enhance return on investment while reducing costs.

Customer self-service solutions for airlines and airports from IBM

Many airlines are investing in solutions for self-service check-in to empower passengers and improve efficiency. To meet these goals, the customer self-service solutions for airlines and airports from IBM can help you create a smarter system that extends your check-in capabilities across kiosk, web and mobile channels.

IBM Passenger Service System Integration Platform

Integrate and modernize your passenger service systems through a single, flexible platform to enable enhanced responsiveness to customer needs and ease access to information. By leveraging flexible, service oriented architecture, you can facilitate faster time to market and improved operational control.

Integrated fare management for transportation

Public transportation agencies are challenged to find ways to increase convenience, improve the travel experience and lower costs. Integrated fare management from IBM can help achieve these goals with an automated revenue collection system that uses smart cards to pay for railways, subways, buses and even parking garages.

Intelligent transportation

Intelligent transportation solutions from IBM can help reduce traffic congestion and proactively manage traffic conditions.

IBM Traffic Prediction Tool

The IBM® Traffic Prediction Tool uses historical and current, real-time traffic data to anticipate future trends. This can help traffic controllers anticipate congestion and institute ways to better control it. Make traffic and public transit systems flow more smoothly. Deliver more capacity to meet growing demand.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul for aviation

The maintenance, repair and overhaul solution for aviation from IBM enables airlines, aerospace and defense companies, government agencies and service providers to use advanced capabilities to better support reliability and availability, to better manage as-designed and as-maintained configurations, and to help manage critical aspects of each asset's life cycle.


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