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Data is a Game Changer

Data is a Game Changer.

Runners and hitters in the semi finals

How far have the women's semifinalists run?

Pressure points

Serve performance under pressure could be a key factor in the Berdych-Murray semifinal

Keys for Keys

Power and consistency have gotten Madison Keys to her first Grand Slam quarterfinals

Runners and hitters

Playing styles drive efficiency on the court

Many happy returns from Australia

Returns in play vs. return games won

Home cooking

The tournament-player effect in Asia 1985-2015

Old friends

2015 begins with old friends at the top of the rankings

First time winners

First time Slam winners are frequently top 10 seeds

Diversifying at the top

Diversifying (and aging) at the top Down Under

Runners and hitters in the semi finals

How far have the men's semifinalists run?

Breaking through

Just how difficult is it to break the final 8 men?

How far to the quarter finals?

Distance run so far by the final 8 women

Stepping it up down under

Serena's serve is legendary but the elder Williams and Radwanska are serving above their tour averages

Breaking through

Just how difficult is it to break the final 8 men?

Home cooking

The tournament-player effect in North America

Usual suspects

While the 'usual suspects' might be changing, they are seasoned players

What are the odds?

1st time women's slam winner in Australia

Diversifying men

Diversifying men Down Under

Roger Federer's renaissance

Game Changers word association: what's the first word you think when you hear 'mobile?'

Mobile: opportunities for brands and marketers

Mobile: enabling the USTA to grow the game of tennis

World Cup 2014: Digital Platforms

World Cup 2014: Mobile Technology

Mobile: changing the way athletes and brands are managed

Mobile: creating content for multiple devices and contexts

World Cup 2014: Fan Engagement

Game Changers

IBM Game Changers is a web series focused on sports, entertainment and technology.

Each episode features experts in the field discussing their experiences with game-changing technology.

Importance of serve and return

The game used to be dominated by top servers. That has shifted over the years to the top serve returners.

Federer at Wimbledon

The difference between winning and losing.

French impressionists

France has 7 men in the ATP top 50 (second only to Spain), but 0 in the top 10.

French Open

The Masters

Leicester Tigers

Predictive analytics helps a popular English rugby union club sidestep injury.

Serve and volley

Since 2002, serve and volley has become and endangered species at Wimbledon.

Style of play

Small statistical differences set top players apart.

Service with a smile

Roger Federer's first serve is such a key to his success for several reasons.

King of Clay

How to beat the king of clay at Roland Garros.

IBM and the four Grand Slams™

IBM's involvement with Grand Slam tennis doesn't end with the Australian Open. The same dedicated team of IBM experts partner with all four tennis Grand Slams. The same sophisticated solutions that enhance the fan experience also provide a vital resource to the media, coaches and players.

Masters Golf Tournament

Masters Golf Tournament

Augusta National strives to continually present the Masters Tournament in the most compelling way possible through innovative use of digital technology. Whether you prefer iPads, iPhones or Androids, apps or mobile websites, there’s a way for fans of the Masters to watch live video on eight channels, follow current scores, read the latest news and see highlights.

Rugby: IBM TryTracker

IBM TryTracker

IBM TryTracker provides analytical detail during the match, helping fans engage and providing coaches and broadcasters with valuable real-time data.

Game Changers blog

Game Changers is an IBM-sponsored blog intended to provide you with thought-provoking content and a place to discuss significant issues. It is our hope that you will want to share some of the posts you read on this blog with your friends and peers. We feel that while this blog is not going to provide all of the final answers, it will give you an excellent starting point for conversations around analytics in sports.

IBM Sports Instagram

Capturing the intersection of technology and sports.

Keys to the Match

IBM SlamTracker™is a real-time stats and visualisation platform that leverages IBM's predictive analytics technology. IBM SlamTracker™ analyses over eight years of Grand Slam data (over 41 million data points), to identify patterns in player styles. Before each match, IBM analyses historical matches between the players (for first-time matches, players with similar styles are analysed). This analysis identifies key performance indicators—what players need to do to succeed in a match—known as 'Keys to the Match'. During the match, each player's performance is measured against their keys and updated in real time on Grand Slam websites, providing fans with a deeper level of insight as the match unfolds.

An unexpected final men's pair in Oz?

Average rank of men's Slam finalists and champions

New (but not necessarily young) blood

2014 gave us two new Grand Slam winners

Surprise finalists at Grand Slams

Number of unseeded Slam finalists and champions

Diversifying women

Diversifying women Down Under

Returning to the Australian Open

Returning friends, new blood, and the usual suspects

Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins

Sun Life Stadium is using insights found in data to help predict crowd behavior and create a better fan experience.