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Insight-driven marketing for media and entertainment

The challenge

What do your customers want?

With multiple smart devices to access media wherever and whenever they want, your customers are more connected than ever before. Media and entertainment providers need to move quickly to harness the unprecedented explosion of technology and social interactions that customers are adopting. Advanced analytics can take customer-centricity and personalization to the next level. It can help media marketers gains insights from the information they have learned about customers and apply this knowledge to deliver timely, personalized promotions and offers. As part of the IBM® Smarter Commerce™ initiative, the insight-driven marketing solution can help place the customer at the center of all operations.


The solution

Use deep customer insights to personalize marketing

The Smarter Commerce approach enables your marketing team to analyze critical customer, social and operational data to learn about everything from cross-channel buying behaviors to social sentiment, which can help to build business processes that improve how you market to, sell to and service customers. As one part of the integrated portfolio for Smarter Commerce, the insight-driven marketing solution enables media providers to use customer information to intelligently deliver personalized offers and promotions to help strengthen revenue streams.

With this solution, marketers can learn about customer behavior through the fusion of customer analytics, social analytics and web analytics. By taking advantage of digital marketing optimization, cross-channel campaign management and intelligent recommendation capabilities, marketers can respond quickly and execute marketing effectively based on changes in customer behavior.

Data and insights garnered from customer profiles and web analytics can be seamlessly integrated into applications that automate the execution of display advertising, search campaigns, email and personalized recommendations through online, social and mobile ordering channels. For example, you could measure which type of content appeals to different audiences and which content is in highest demand. By accurately measuring the effectiveness of online content to different target audiences, you can personalize offers to site visitors with similar buying characteristics to grow audience size and ultimately strengthen online revenue streams.


The benefits

Learn more about customer behaviors

With the insight-driven marketing solution you can create a complete picture of the customer. The solution can also help you:


The specifics

The right tools for Smarter Commerce

To respond quickly and effectively to capture and retain the attention of customers, marketers need tools that help them to easily execute and automate marketing efforts. The Smarter Commerce approach integrates customer and web analytics with digital marketing optimization, cross-channel campaign management and intelligent recommendation capabilities to help marketers implement personalized marketing programs. Marketers can respond quickly and effectively to changes in customer behavior and then execute and automate marketing efforts— not just at scale but also at a one-to-one level—to captivate today’s connected customers.