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Personalized buying experience for media and entertainment

The challenge

What do your customers want?

Today, customers are as likely to shop online as in stores and they can consume media at a time and place that is convenient for them using multiple devices. New technology and connectivity have empowered customers, and these connected customers are now willing to pay for digital media—including movies, TV shows, books, music, games, newspapers and magazines. Connected customers are transforming the media industry and changing how media providers operate, which dramatically impacts how they market and sell products and services online direct to the customer. As part of the IBM® Smarter Commerce™ initiative, the personalized buying experience solution for media and entertainment can help you offer engaging and relevant revenue-generating products and services to target customer segments across multiple interaction channels.


The solution

Market and sell directly to customers

With the personalized buying experience solution, media companies draw information from across online, mobile and social interaction channels to engage and interact with customers in smarter ways—and even coordinate these interactions with the in-store and call center experiences.

Advanced analytics tools extend customer engagement across online, social and mobile channels so you can base personalized and contextually relevant content on customer preferences and behavior. Using these tools, you can develop a foundation of intelligence on which to build unique offers, promotions, custom storefronts and social engagements. The solution also provides an interconnected approach by creating a single view of the customer and continuous experience refinement.


The benefits

New ways of direct marketing and selling

Whether you are offering a new movie subscription service or bundling physical and digital products like magazines and web access as one offer, enabling a personalized buying experience can help deliver greater value to connected customers. And it can help you capture greater revenue by providing more choice in how customers buy media products across sales interaction points, including mobile and social. The solution can help you:


The specifics

The right tools for Smarter Commerce

The Smarter Commerce integrated portfolio includes solutions designed to satisfy the demands of the connected customer. Product and price catalog capabilities enable you to offer new purchase options including bundles and subscription plans. Multichannel interaction capabilities allow you to engage with and sell to customers across virtually any channel, including social and mobile technologies. And web analytics give you the tools you need to tailor the entire buying experience to specific customer segments. As a result, the Smarter Commerce approach can help you deliver greater value to customers by making it easier, faster and more satisfying for connected customers to purchase and manage media products across multiple channels.