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Partner integration and collaboration

The challenge

Do you delight your customers?

To meet heightened customer expectations, companies are turning to partnerships with other companies to create sophisticated offers for their customers. Partnerships, however, increase the complexity of moving, storing, analyzing and processing data, and delivering on your promises to your customers. Some media providers are discovering they lack the tools and processes required to simplify, automate and bring visibility to many of the complications associated with partnering to sell content.


The solution

Bring sanity to your partnerships

The partner integration and collaboration solution for media and entertainment from IBM features automated tools and processes designed to connect your company quickly and easily with partners, through any format and to any system. By automating tasks associated with processing, translating and routing data, the solution can help increase the efficiency of your back-office operations, speed data analysis and better manage the growing volume of sales transactions.

The partner integration and collaboration solution offers you near real-time tracking of partner transactions, such as digital sales transaction data, as it is exchanged so that business and IT users can more quickly respond to inquiries, collaborate to solve issues as they arise and analyze data for audit, reporting and forecasting. All of these capabilities help you take advantage of the rapidly growing number of potential sales partners and allows you to exchange business-critical information. Taken together, the tools and processes found in the solution allow you to focus on what you do best—creating content and offering meaningful value to your customers.


The benefits

Turn challenges into opportunities

By simplifying procedures, automating common tasks and providing global visibility into partner interactions, the partner integration and collaboration solution frees you to look at the changing media landscape as an opportunity to excel. The solution can help you:


The specifics

Supercharge customer relationships

The partner integration and collaboration solution allows media providers to develop innovative offerings to customers by supplying tools and processes that simplify and automate many of the complications found when partnering to sell content, such as file transfer and differences in accounting procedures. The solution offers: