Is your business trapped behind a bad app?

Is your business trapped behind a bad app?

A strong return on investment

With nearly 6 billion mobile devices in the hands of consumers worldwide, it’s no surprise that the numbers of devices, applications, operating systems, platforms, environments and browsers have proliferated. They empower customers to engage with and purchase from mobile-enabled businesses – but how easily? Are your customers wrestling with a less than ideal mobile experience due to all this device and platform diversity?

4 in 5 shoppers say they’ve experienced problems when trying to make a purchase online.

Smarter enterprises are offering their customers a more consistent and seamless experience by using a common platform to develop apps — as a result, they’re increasing sales by up to 40%.

Creating and managing mobile apps on a single platform can be easily executed in a native environment, but when doing so for multiple apps, across multiple platforms, it’s often not a cost-effective task. A mobile application platform such as IBM Worklight solves this problem.

In fact, Forrester Consulting found that a mobile application platform can provide a 363 percent 5-year risk-adjusted ROI for multi-platform app development and management when compared to native development. In the case of Worklight, cost savings are achieved through app design and development, app integration and maintenance, and streamlined testing and deployment.

Cost-effective development

Another example: A global wireless communications technology manufacturer needed to build, run and manage a range of apps for a variety of users within an ambitious time frame and numerous other challenges. With a multi-platform approach, they were able to reduce their development costs by as much as 60 percent.

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