Is your business ready to launch a new business?

Is your business ready to launch a new business?

The innovation cloud

For a decade, cloud solutions have been celebrated as a technology that lets a business streamline its infrastructure. But we’re only beginning to see the cloud’s greater power to foster radical changes. It can help a smarter enterprise innovate and discover entirely new products, new services, new markets and new revenue streams.

The University of Bari in Italy partnered with IBM to implement a cloud-computing solution for the local fishing industry. Real-time data and a virtual fish market now help fishermen manage and control inventory, while maximizing work efficiency and cost savings. As a result, time to market has decreased 70 percent—and the fishermen’s income has increased 25 percent.

Watch the University of Bari’s floating marketplace in action.

Monitoring by mobile

Cloud solutions can also help you discover new business opportunities that may not have seemed apparent. A produce company in Zurich called Blattwerk decided to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables directly to its customers with a fleet of food trucks. To do that, it needed to monitor its food’s freshness and distribution by linking its mobile point-of-sale scanners with its supply chain. Building this complex system in the cloud helped the company get its trucks to customers just three months after it hatched the idea.

There's no question cloud computing can change the way your business does business. The greater question is how the cloud can change the way a business sees business: not just expanding audiences, but expanding opportunity.

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