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Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Integrated operations solution for upstream from IBM

Timing, accuracy and visibility are crucial to your petroleum exploration and production operations. The integrated operations solution for upstream from IBM can provide you with quick access to oil field asset data, measurements and documents to enhance decision making and boost production from your oil field assets.

Integrated service management for chemicals and petroleum

Chemical and petroleum companies face great challenges to optimizing business processes—chiefly, inefficient asset and infrastructure management. This can affect everything from production to accessing new supply. The usual culprit: siloed business and production applications that produce an incomplete view of operations.

Intelligent asset management for oil and gas

Many oil and gas companies struggle to improve productivity and performance because their current asset management solutions aren't up to the challenge. The intelligent asset management solution gives you collaboration tools and key asset and monitoring information so you can make more informed plans and minimize downtime.

Location awareness and safety for chemicals and petroleum

When the chemicals and petroleum industry needs to protect employees and physical assets from hazardous working environments, location awareness and safety solutions from IBM are a safe bet. We help companies achieve outstanding employee safety—and upstanding consumer recognition.

Smart manufacturing for chemicals and petroleum

Chemicals and petroleum companies need actionable insights from across the company to maximize the performance of their facilities, assets and workforce. The smart manufacturing solution helps connect operations and leverage advanced analytics to achieve superior performance in the volatile refining and chemicals business.

Turnaround optimization for chemicals and petroleum

The turnaround optimization solution from IBM combines custom analyses, best practices and powerful technology assets that enable your chemicals or petroleum organization to optimize and transform turnaround operations.


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