The Brains Behind Watson

    Meet a few of the team members ushering in the new era of Watson

    • Mike R Mike R

      Michael Rhodin

      Senior Vice President,
      IBM Watson Group

      “This is a pivotal moment: the new era of cognitive computing is happening right now.”

    • Leanne Color Leanne

      Leanne LeBlanc

      Product Manager,
      IBM Watson Solutions

      “It’s really exciting that we are pushing the boundaries of what technology can do—tackling problems many have not tried to solve or have failed at in the past.”

    • Adam Color Adam

      Adam Zacharski

      Mobile UX Developer,
      IBM Software Group

      “As Watson gains the ability to have more and more background information about the user there will be many more possibilities of what we can do with this technology.”

    • Mike B Color Mike B

      Michael A. Barborak

      Software Engineer,
      IBM Research

      “Watson working with people in a decision-making support role represents a turning point. I’m excited to be part of the team working to make a difference and impact the world.”

    • Kim Color Kim

      Kim Reheiser

      Program Director,
      IBM Watson Solutions

      “Together, IBM and an ecosystem of solution developers can leverage Watson’s technology to solve real-world problems.”

    • Brad Color Brad

      Brad Becker

      Chief Design Officer,
      IBM Watson Solutions

      “Turning science fiction into reality is magic. Machines that can 'think' have been a staple of science fiction for a long time but it’s finally happening right now, right here.”

    • Swami Color Swami

      S. Chandrasekaran

      Executive Architect,
      IBM Watson Solutions

      “I’m most inspired by working with this team. The collective set of ideas emanating from the team is mind boggling and defining the future of cognitive systems.”

    • Michael Color Michael

      Michael Chester

      Market Development,
      IBM Watson Solutions

      “When you talk about the capabilities of Watson with friends, family, or colleagues, everyone has an idea for an application. At its core, Watson is about solving problems.”

    • Jeffrey Color Jeffrey

      Jeff Arn

      IBM Watson Solutions

      “In my interview they asked me why I wanted to work with IBM Watson and I said that I wanted to change the world.”

    • Eric Color Eric

      Eric Brown

      Director of Watson Technologies,
      IBM Research

      “Watson brings together a variety of different AI technologies, so we need experts in a number of different disciplines. Collaborating with world-class IBM experts makes my job interesting.”

    • dhruv Color dhruv

      Dhruv Jaggia

      Ecosystem Engagement Manager,
      IBM Watson Solutions

      “What really excites me about Watson is that it can be applied to almost every facet of our lives today. It's a rare opportunity to see something in its infancy that can change the very way we go about our daily lives.”

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