Enable a new kind of conversation with IBM Watson Engagement Advisor.

    Transform the way people and organizations interact with the latest evolution of self-service. Engagement Advisor empowers users to take action, while getting questions answered wherever and whenever they want, scaling expertise.

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    Introducing Watson
    Engagement Advisor

    Don’t just exceed your customers’ expectations.
    Exceed your own.

    As the next evolution of self service, Watson Engagement Advisor is the Software-as-a-Service that understands context and dialog. Engagement Advisor automates customer interaction by fielding questions in natural language with informed, evidence-based reasoning, so you can get to the heart of your customers’ needs.

    Speak in
    your natural

    Watson communicates on customers’ terms, so it can prioritize and solve problems the way a human could. Now contact centers can understand their customers based on past history and engage them wherever, whenever, and empower them at the point of action.

    Ask a question.
    Get an answer.

    Watson combs vast stores of data to offer educated, evidence-based answers—not Web links or FAQ responses reducing the number of times needed to hand off to a live Call Center agent. The result? Reduced call center workloads and costs and happier customers.

    Scale expertise
    across your organization.

    Watson technology refines its cognitive capabilities with each interaction, continually improving engagement.

    Engagement Advisor at Work

    Building on successes in other fields such as healthcare, IBM is expanding the application of Watson across organizations and industries.


    By teaming up with IBM Watson, the USAA can now better field questions around banking, investing, and insurance to their over 10 million members, people and families that serve, or served, in the United States military.

    Nearly 150,000 people leave the military each year and one million people will leave in the next five years. So as a broad-based financial service catering to the military community, USAA sought a leading solution for serving the right information directly to military service members in need of guidance as they transition into civilian life.

    USAA teamed up with IBM Watson to provide a one-stop shop for veterans in need of assistance on matters from job searches to government benefits. To offer the best and most relevant content for users, Watson analyzes and understands more than 3,000 documents on topics exclusive to military transitions, enabling members to ask and receive answers to separation-related questions.

    As a result, IBM and USAA have enhanced how they engage with the greater military community, creating an approachable and scalable solution for veterans.


    By partnering with IBM Watson, Deakin University is aiming to exceed their students’ need.

    Large universities face great challenges when it comes to communicating to their thousands of students on a personal level. At Australia’s Deakin University, 50,000 students need to have their concerns addressed on a daily basis. Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane den Hollander reports, "Students constantly tell us they want accessible, accurate and immediate information that they can instantly find for themselves.”

    As the first university in the world where Watson will serve student advice 24/7/365, Deakin will use Engagement Advisor to transform how students are advised to enable success. Watson help students to navigate through their university experience at greater ease from start to finish, with Engagement Advisor addressing topics from admissions to job placement.

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    By partnering with IBM, ANZ Bank will have Watson enable its financial advice team to deliver an improved advice process.

    As one of the largest banks in Australia, ANZ's goal for Watson was to enable its financial advice team to deliver an improved advice process – making it shorter and more efficient for the customer to receive a statement of financial advice, from weeks to just one session. The initial work of Watson is in the area of insurance and protection, and it continues to expand, covering the full wealth strategy including superannuation and investments.

    ANZ unveiled the Engagement Advisor in its Sydney ‘Grow’ center and plans to roll it out to more than 400 financial planners. By making Watson available to their customers, ANZ has not only scaled and enhanced the customer experience, but they have tracked incoming questions that further enhance Watson’s capabilities and insights for the future.


    IBM Technical Support Services (TSS) is using Watson Engagement Advisor to best answer clients’ support questions, reduce average call duration, increase rate of remote fixes by phone and rate of first-time fixes.

    With Watson as an assistant, agents proved to be significantly more effective: the average call duration was reduced by two minutes, and there were also increases in the first-time fix rate and the proportion of issues that were able to be resolved by phone, instead of by sending out a technician.

    TSS Information & Analytics leader Kevin Wahlmeier concludes, “This isn’t just about technical support – it’s about transforming the way you engage with your customers. With Watson, you can build stronger relationships with customers by proving that you can give them the right answers to their questions and solve their problems quickly and accurately.

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