Don’t just exceed your customers’ expectations.
    Exceed your own.

    Introducing Watson Engagement Advisor

    Watson Engagement Advisor

    Software-as-a-Service that listens, thinks and learns like a human. Automating customer interaction by fielding and answering questions in natural language with informed, evidence-based reasoning. And the more it learns…the smarter it gets.

    Speak in your natural language.

    Watson communicates on customers’ terms, so it can prioritize and solve problems the way a human could.

    Ask a question. Get an answer.

    Watson combs vast stores of data to offer educated, evidence-based answers—not Web links or FAQ responses.

    Scale experience across your organization.

    Watson refines its cognitive capabilities with each interaction, continually improving engagement.

    See how your customers can experience Watson Engagement Advisor

    See how your customers can experience Watson Engagement Advisor

    It starts with your raw data: records, journals, transactions, transcripts. Sifting through it for insights could take years. Or you could have Watson do it in microseconds.

    Equipped with those new insights, Watson can field a question posed in natural language and offer an authentic, confident response based on all the available evidence.

    The more Watson interacts with its users, the more it understands what its users need, how they make decisions, and how to help them even better than before.

    What else can Watson Engagement Advisor do for your business?

    Find out more here.
    • Retail

      Building customer trust

      Organizations using Watson to get more and better insights from their data can create better experiences, generating goodwill and loyalty.

      Read more here
    • Public Sector

      Serving the public interest

      By making sense of an ever-expanding data deluge, Watson can help cities, states and countries bring their citizens better service and cut through red tape.

      Read more

    ANZ Banking Group is using Watson to help its advisors serve its customers faster and smarter.

    Find out how

    Discover how cognitive computing transforms customer interactions.

    Read about it here.

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