The IBM Watson Ecosystem

A new partner program providing Watson cognitive technology to businesses, access to IBM’s network and a community of entrepreneurial organizations working to solve their industry’s toughest challenges

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Access Watson Resources

Watson Ecosystem partners immediately tap into the support and capabilities offered by the IBM network. Whether building a business from the ground up or creating a Powered by Watson product, partners lean on the community’s collective knowledge for guidance and expertise.

Watson Cognitive Services

In the Watson Ecosystem, Watson’s capabilities are available as APIs and help businesses of all sizes to tackle challenges in every industry – from retail and eCommerce to healthcare and financial services. With Watson’s cognitive services, partners can make more intelligent product recommendations to online consumers, better respond to customer questions or identify relationships in unstructured medical data.

Access to IBM Network

Partners tap into IBM’s extensive knowledge and resources, which can help to build and commercialize cognitive products. IBM Watson business and technical architects are there from the start to help support use case ideation, develop compelling business cases, and advocate within IBM’s extensive seller network.

Community of Expertise

With the Watson Ecosystem, partners not only have access to IBM support, but they also have a direct line to a broad community of like-minded peers. In addition to content and talent providers, partners have the opportunity to collaborate with renowned Watson researchers and technologists developing the next generation of cognitive technologies.

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