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    Accelerates breakthroughs like never before. Discovery Advisor makes connections and draws relationships between data sets.

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    Whether augmenting creativity in the kitchen, developing novel medical treatments, or helping law enforcement, Watson Discovery Advisor accelerates the discovery process, infusing innovation and novel insights into everyone’s activities.

    Watson harnesses
    your data

    Watson Discovery Advisor looks at disparate data sources within your domain to max-imize breakthrough insights. And we can combine your data with hundreds of public and licensed data to harness the universe of information in your industry.

    Watson learns

    Once your data has been integrated, it’s time for Watson to learn. Work with IBM to train Watson Discovery Advisor in cycles. Watson also ingests new information automatically as documentation and literature becomes available.

    Watson delivers

    Watson Discovery Advisor is trained and ready to evaluate and think like your top experts. Unlock insights, visualize possibilities, and validate theories faster than ever.

    Watson Discovery Advisor at Work

    Discovery Advisor has already made significant breakthroughs across multiple organizations and industries.

    Baylor College of Medicine

    To accelerate research that normally takes years to accomplish, Baylor College of Medicine and IBM teamed up to advance understanding of disease biology and surface information needed to develop safe and effective treatments. Biologists and data scientists used the Baylor Knowledge Integration Toolkit (KnIT), powered by Watson technol-ogy, to accurately identify proteins that modify p53, a key protein related to many cancers.

    Watson evaluated and analyzed nearly 70,000 scientific articles on p53 to predict pro-teins that turn on or off p53's activity. As a result, cancer researchers recently found six potential proteins to target for new research, a dramatic increase from the average one protein discovery per year.

    Johnson & Johnson

    Drug effectiveness studies are typically done manually — it takes three people an average of 10 months just to collect the data and prepare it for use before they are able to start asking questions against it. This is a slow and expensive process in which it’s nearly impossible to take into account newly published papers and other information which could have a huge impact on the researcher’s findings.

    Watson quickly synthesizes Johnson and Johnson’s body of data and allows researchers to start asking questions and determine drug effectiveness, rather than waiting several months to just to research and collect data.

    Watson Discovery Advisor for Life Sciences

    Whether looking for a new drug target or detecting safety signals from adverse event reports, breakthroughs can be made across the life sciences functions. Watson Discovery Advisor for Life Sciences comes armed with expertise and understands field-specific lexicon in areas such as clinical trial data, genomics, drugs and human anatomy.

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    More on Watson Discovery

    With Jeopardy, Watson mastered game rules and provided fast and accurate answers to questions. Now, Watson has the ability to make new discoveries and collaborate with humans.

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    representatives from IBM and Bon Appetit reviewing chef watson recipes

    IBM's Chef Watson teamed up with Bon Appétit Magazine applying Watson's new cognitive cooking app to create exciting twists on some classics—from fennel-spiced ribs to blackberry-cherry cobbler.

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    new york genome center and watson oncology developed new initiative for rapid research

    The New York Genome Center and IBM Watson have announced an exciting initiative to accelerate a new era of genomic medicine. Oncologists are using a unique Watson prototype designed for rapid research to deliver more personalized care to cancer patients.

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