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The power of partnership: Has your outsourcing evolved?

Your partnering strategy can have significant financial impact

In the world of business and IT services sourcing, there’s a Maslow-like hierarchy of needs emerging. Sourcing motivations are moving up the pyramid beyond basic needs, like cost-cutting, to higher-order business outcomes, such as growth, competitive advantage and innovation. Eager to capitalize on opportunities presented by disruptive technologies, organizations often need to partner to gain necessary capabilities and expertise in mobile, social, cloud and analytics.

But our research suggests it’s not enough to change why you’re sourcing – you also have to change how.

Download the report IBM Center for Applied Insights 39% of organizations are sourcing for innovation

According to the IBM Center for Applied Insights study, "Why partnering strategies matter," (PDF, 786KB) involving more than 1,300 business and IT sourcing decision makers worldwide, organizations that have made that shift are outperforming on a host of financial measures, including revenue and gross profit growth. Their formula for success? Metrics tied to business outcomes, transformational scope and integrated governance. And see the new Financial Services view of sourcing, "Partnering for innovation in financial services," (PDF, 1MB) which is based on the results of the broader Sourcing study.