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Smarter merchandisers create smarter retailers

Leading through customer focus, collaboration and analytics

The term “customer-centric” has almost become a cliché. Retailers everywhere talk about focusing on digitally enfranchised shoppers and providing a more personalized, interactive experience. But recent research by the IBM Center for Applied Insights shows that the majority of retailers are still struggling to become customer-oriented. Those who are succeeding, by contrast, are putting the customer at the heart of the merchandising process.

This survey of 325 senior merchandising executives identified a small group of firms that outperform their peers, thanks to three traits:

Understanding leading retailers: Insights from the IBM Retail Merchant survey

Leading merchandisers see larger basket sizes and greater company stock price than their peers.

1.4x more Number of respondents with an average customer basket size of more thatn $100. 3x greater 2009-2012 stock price compound annual growth rate.