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Improve your customer experiences, internal response times and advisory services with real business insights.

Gain an advantage over the competition in subscriber expectations, regulations, and industry trends and standards.

Energy and utilities
Streamline business processes to reduce costs, and improve demand response and home-energy management.

Respond to forces of change and take better advantage of insights to manage expectations for citizen-centric services and results.

Healthcare-Life sciences
Improve administrative and clinical connectivity, collaboration, process optimization and information analytics.


Use information and customer analytics to be more competitive, attract new customers and inspire loyalty.

Media and entertainment
Improve content and reduce its time to market, and develop real-time personalization and flexible, reliable distribution.

Transform the way you put products on shelves, and market to and engage customers, using optimized business processes.

Travel and transportation
Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, generate upsell opportunities and reduce asset management costs.

Success stories
Read how 23 companies achieved business agility—and won.