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IBM Cognos software for transportation

The challenge

See all aspects of your business

Current economic conditions present many challenges — such as compromised cash flow, difficulty managing inventories to meet fluctuating demand, and declining sales, revenues and profits. Your organisation needs complete visibility into your financial and operational performance to remain competitive. IBM® Cognos® software for transportation provides insight in realtime, and turns your performance data into information you can act on.


The solution

Monitor your operations to drive performance improvements

IBM Cognos software can help you find answers to the key questions that are critical to better planning, forecasting, profitability, and financial and operational performance. It provides a complete, integrated, open standards-based platform. It delivers world-leading performance management technologies and business intelligence software, giving you the knowledge and tools to respond quickly to market changes and inefficiencies, and build customer satisfaction.

The solution enables you to integrate and manage large volumes of information in realtime, incorporating analytics and predictive modelling, scorecards, reporting and dashboards. It provides the ability to share information across the entire value chain, speeding time to value by delivering trusted, accurate and timely information.

Monitor performance at the holistic level. Analyse processes, products and suppliers. Drill down to transaction-level detail to make more informed, intelligent decisions, and create competitive advantage.


The benefits

Turn performance data into actionable information

IBM Cognos software provides complete visibility into your operations so you can:


The specifics

Top-performing software

IBM Cognos software consists of:



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