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Instant gratification — that's the norm today

Whether assisting a customer in realtime, reaching new markets, or collaborating with partners and suppliers across continents in the blink of an eye, all enterprises must exceed expectations to achieve a competitive edge. And it is not just about speed, it is about the experience. Every interaction is a moment of truth, and moments matter.

From procurement to supply management, marketing, sales and service, leaders apply innovation and intuitive interactions to deliver delightful experiences every time. By infusing intelligence and context into all commerce processes, you can become essential to your customers, partners and suppliers — every moment. Create value, gain speed, grow revenue and improve profitability — that’s the power of Smarter Commerce.

IBM Smarter Commerce helps companies make the most of every moment. A synchronised value chain — spanning buy, market, sell and service processes and instilled with intelligence and context — enables enterprises of all kinds to deliver the right experience, at the right moment.

That’s the power of Smarter Commerce.


Buy. Adaptive procurement and optimised supply chain.

Buy: For Chief Procurement Officers and Supply Chain Executives - Learn how to use actionable intelligence to optimise spend, and how seamlessly and securely integrating with your suppliers and trading partners promotes efficiencies and bottom-line results.

Market. Targeted and personalised marketing across all channels.

Market: For Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Professionals - Learn more about understanding and acting on your customer’s context, and move beyond marketing to continuous engagement to encourage sales and advocacy.

Sell. Seamless cross-channel customer experience.

Sell: For Executives of Sales, Channels and eCommerce - Learn how to develop personalised experiences that can improve sales and encourage more loyal, engaged customers.

Service. Anticipating behaviour and delivering flawless customer service

Service: For Executives in Customer Service and Support - Learn how to anticipate and respond to your customer’s needs and desires with personalised customer service that helps create loyalty and invites positive word-of-mouth.

Smarter Commerce: Moments matter

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