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UK Smart Energy Cloud

Supporting the UK's Smart Meter Implementation Programme

25% of existing UK power stations will have closed by the end of the decade

On Tue, 22 Mar 2011, IBM presented at the Future of Utilities conference in London about the recently announced UK Smart Energy Cloud solution. IBM and Cable & Wireless Worldwide jointly launched the solution which could support the nationwide implementation of 52 million smart meters and help the development of a future smart grid.

Smart Energy Cloud is an intelligent solution with the potential to provide a complete overview of energy usage across the country and be the central communications resource supporting the UK's smart meter implementation programme. It has the ability to gather near realtime data, many times a day, from any smart meter anywhere in the country and store it centrally in a secure UK based hosted cloud. The data is then sent to energy retailers so usage can be calculated and accurate bills produced.

With this collaboration, we can provide the UK with a flexible, intelligent solution based on proven technology, support the national Smart Metering Implementation Programme and help communities become smarter, more connected and in turn, more sustainable

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